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A review of the Water-to-Go water bottles (and a discount code!)


To reduce the amount of plastic we use on our travels we bought two Water-to-Go water bottles. These bottles come with a filter which filters out up to 99.9999% of microbiological contaminants from any non-salt water source: viruses, bacteria, protozoan parasites, heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides. Depending on your needs there are 2 filter sizes: The one for 75cl/26oz filter which filters 200 litres/50+ gallons of water (which will last you for about 3 months if you drink 2L/8oz a day). The 50cl/18oz filter will filter 130 litres/34 gallons of water (which will last you for about 2 months if you drink 2L/8oz a day). Either of these filters should be enough to get you through a whole holiday!

How we use it

We use the Water-to-Go bottles to make tab water taste neutral (mostly to remove the taste of chlorine which is common abroad) but also when we are in nature to refill anywhere we want. You have to activate the filter before using it the first time. Activating the filter is very easy: screw the filter in the bottle, fill the bottle up with water, turn it upside down for 15 minutes to soak the filter, then squeeze out some water to rinse the filter (just to make sure any loose carbon granules are rinsed off). 


- You save a lot of plastic waste! Especially when travelling in countries that don't recycle as much, this is going to make a difference!

- You save a lot of money! Buying multiple 0,5 - 1,0 litre water bottles in the store will set you back 1-2 USD a day. You will earn back the bottle including the filter within a month!

- The filters work really well. The water tastes neutral, indifferent of which water source we used to fill up our Water-to-Go bottle. 

- Next to the bacteria and parasites, the filters also filter out heavy metals, chemicals and viruses at the same time, contrary to many filters of competitors on the market like LifeStraw.

- You can drink right out of the Water-to-Go bottle and there is no (hard) work to be done before you can drink, like with the filters from GRAYL, where you have to squeeze the water through a filter (tough) and then pour the water into another bottle.

- Sucking the water our through the filter is not too hard. It takes a day to get used to, but it doesn't require a lot of effort and drinks comfortably. 

- It's very convenient to take one bottle with you when you're out hiking somewhere and knowing you can refill anywhere where you find water. 

To Improve:

- Our bottles can't be squeezed easily, which is sometimes nice if you want to filter water for cooking or something. 

- If you fill up your bottle and then move to higher altitudes, pressure will build up in the bottle. We didn't have any leaks yet, but the water sometimes pours out a bit when opening the lid. 


We took two Water-to-Go water bottles on our world travel and 16 filters total, so we should be good for 2 years (and don't have to buy any plastic water bottles)! We are really happy we went for Water-to-Go and we are so enthusiastic that we partnered up with them! We hope you will be just as enthusiastic in the near future!

If you order with the voucher RJANSEN15 you will get a 15% discount!
Order via the website links given below or click on one of the buttons below (most countries in the EU) (United Kingdom) (United States of America, Canada)

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