It's a Wild Life! - Feeling like a Local

When you read our last blog we were still in our 5-day mandatory quarantine. We're about one month further, and a lot has happened and at the same time it feels like we're not much further yet. Most of the time we were busy arranging things in order to stay in Chile or for the car. To give you an idea:

Before we could leave for Chile we had to get our vaccines approved by the Ministry of Health here in Chile. This we did a soon as we heard the country would open again, and it took them about 2-3 weeks to 'temporarily approve' it. We had to get a PCR-test in The Netherlands before the flight, fill in an affidavit before getting on the plane, take a PCR-test in Chile on arrival, stay in quarantine for 5 days/120 hours and fill in a daily 'declaration of health'-form for 14 days. After this we got a QR-code for 30 days ('Pase de Movilidad') which allows you to get into places. We had to arrange a quantitative Covid-antibody test at a laboratory in Chile to prove our vaccination even further, upload the results (after we had to go back again because they lost them) and finally we got accepted to stay for 90 days! Most of the information is in Spanish, and if they say you need a quantitative antibody test, they don't refer you to an address^^ So you can imagine we have been busy just in order to stay here.

Why did we want to go to Chile per se you