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In the webshop you can choose one of the following wall decoration materials

​Dibond consists of 2 aluminium plates with a polyethylene core in between. The photo is printed on a high quality white layer. Dibond is stronger than normal aluminium and it is UV- and water resistent. Because of this you can use this product also outside.

  • Lightweight and regid

  • Water resistant

  • ​UV resistant

​Forex is hard wearing PVC that is compressed and very strong. The photo print on Forex is sharp and gets a vibrant colour. De plate is lightweight but strong. 

  • Vibrant colours

  • Lightweight

  • ​Matt Finish

​Plexiglass (also called Acrylic glass) is a transparent thermoplast. It looks like glass, but is lighter and stronger. The photo is printed on a high quality white layer behind the plate. The included hanging system allows some light to shine through the back, creating a beautiful depth effect.

  • Optically clearer than glass

  • Shiny Appearance

  • High Colour Fastness​

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